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Hip Flexors Continued

As part of my Muscle of The Month, with this month being Hip Flexors, I felt a mention should be give to the Piriformis. A deep muscle that lays as part of the pelivic wall, its origin is the anterior surface of the sacrum and insertion the medial side of the superior border of the grater trochanter (the bonie edge of the top of the femour leading to the ball and socket (Acetabulum) joint). A small muscle, but one that can pack a punch if trigger points are here with pain often forming into the sacroiliac region, the buttock, the posterior aspect of the hip joint, and possibly the proximal two-thirds of the posterior thigh. With the Sciatic nerve passing underneath the Piriformis a 'Sciatica’ type pain down posterior aspect of thigh is not uncommon. Pain oftenis increased by sitting, standing and walking! But fear not, even with the location of this muscle it can be treated though massage and movement.

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Sonya Rumbles
Sonya Rumbles
Jun 07, 2023

My hip flexors are often very very tight.

Replying to

Hi Sonya, try some of these exercises in my latest posts, they may well help

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