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Lower Back Pain (Muscle Of The Month!)

Last month our 'Muscle Of The Month' took a break and we talked all about Self Care with January often feeling like a difficult month for many.

This month I feel it is only fitting to talk about the most common pain everyday people endure in some circumstances day in, day out; LOWER BACK PAIN! I have been very fortunate to join in on a webinar recently with the lovely Jing Advanced Massage Training where they talked in great detail about lower back pain and how we, as massage therapist we can help.

Lower back pain is extremely common for many people, it is often a pain that we endure, or ignore, conversely it is also often a pain that can effect our mood, energy levels and everyday movements. Regular massage therapy can help! You do not need to wake up every morning with pain, or go to bed feeling that all too familiar dull ache!

Here are some simple lower back exercises that can help:

Child's Pose; I have previously recommended this as a regular activity to try to include into our everyday routine, this exercise helps to ease pain and improve overall flexibility - stretching the lower back muscles. Reach forward on a mat with your toes together and your knees hip-width apart. Reach forward and extend your hands beside on the mat.

Bird Dog Hip Extension; this exercise helps to stabilise your lower back as well as your abdominal muscles. Kneel on a mat with both hands down and arms shoulder-width apart. Start by engaging and tightening your core muscles. Slowly straighten one leg behind you while maintaining a flat back. Lower leg and repeat with the other leg.

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