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Muscle Of The Month - Ankle

This month I wanted to talk about a major area of the body and an area I often see in my clinic with injury, rather than a specific muscle. The ankle! Did you know that your ankle has 112 ligaments, 28 bones, 33 joints, and 33 muscles? It’s also the most commonly injured part of the human body.

So let's talk about mobility training of the ankle.

By intentionally training your ankle to get used to all kinds of different angles and moves, you’re upping your chances that if you trip or start to roll your ankle, your body will catch it and it'll be more of an oops rather than an actual injury.

Easy intro to ankle mobility:

Ankle circles - Sit in a chair, lift your foot off the ground and simply move your foot around in circles. Make sure you aren’t letting your toes do all the work here. Relax those toes and rotate at the ankle.

Go shoeless as often as you can.

The more you can use your muscles and joints to move and grip in different but natural ways, the more you’ll increase your mobility!

For more help and support with building ankle strength contact me to book an appointment, or, watch out for my up-coming yoga classes - I am sure there will be some focus on the ankle during some of these!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog

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