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Muscle Of The Month - Scalenes

The Scalenes are located between the Sternocleidomsdtoid and Upper Trapezius (the side of the neck). Interestingly, a trigger point or swelling within the Scalenes can create problems right down the arms and into the hands! This is because the Brachial Plexus nerve runs between the anterior and middle Scalene, so it is common for the nerve to become impinged at this point due to common habits, such as forward head positions or even shallow breathing, which leads to shortened Scalenes. The Brachial Plexus nerve runs all the way down the arm, so issues up in the neck with the Scalenes can lead to symptoms of numbness and tingling in the hands. Fear not! if this sounds familiar to you then regular massage intervention and prescribed movement patterns can help! Simple side flection of the neck and rotation of the neck are some nice stretches that can help.

With the Scalenes insertion points on the upper surface of the first rib, their basic primary function is to help with inspiration. All to often in todays modern life we do not breath fully, thought of as a simple basic function, however, many of us are only breathing to a very limited capacity, using shoulders rather than diaphragm to move air in and out of the lungs. changing these habits can improve a magnitude of chronic conductions, such as reduce anxiety, improve sleep, reduce neck shoulder and back pain, increased oxygen within the body improves the function and efficiency of every cell in your body; improving the function of everything the body does. This includes hormone production, digestion, tissue renewal, muscle contraction and more. I often use dynamic breathing therapy within my Chronic Pain Massage Treatment for this very reason. Practice taking some deep breaths using your diaphragm and see if it helps you.

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