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Muscle of The Month - Scalenes Part 2

This month we are talking about a muscle of the neck, the Scalenes. In my earlier introduction blog about this muscle I discussed it's link to radiating pains down the arms and into the hands, as well as its link to reduced movement of the first rib during inhalation. Lack of oxygen has links to chronic fatigue, anxiety, reduced sleep and chronic pain. In my earlier blog I touched on the importance of breathing into the belly and using the diaphragm to ensure to give the body its best chance at taking on boad the amount of oxygen it needs to function efficiently.

So today, let's breath! Practicing breath work in yoga is called Pranayama


• Improves hypertension.

• Improves digestive system function.

• Boosts the immune system.

• Strengthens the respiratory system: Pranayama

• Can Improve Lung Capacity.

• Helps relieve symptoms of chronic stress and mood imbalances.

• Improves parasympathetic nervous system function

I hear you saying 'but obviously I breath! How could I not!' Well try is exercise to breath using the diaphragm and see if you feel a difference.

1.Begin to inhale and exhale deeply through the nose.

2. Inhale, into the belly feeling the rib cage expand. Lift the heart centre and expand the belly with air like a balloon.

3. Exhale, push all the air out from the belly through your nose. Draw your navel back towards your spine to make sure that the belly is empty of air.

4.Repeat this deep belly breathing

Really enhances this breath work with the use of essential oils; Air is enriched with a combination of oils meant to help cool and enliven the body, providing you with feelings of clear airways. Follow this link if you are interested in purchasing this oil

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