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Muscle Of The Month - Soleus

Some of you may have noticed that last month there was no blog post and no Muscle of the Month. To make up for that, this month is my favourite muscle. The Soleus! A muscle located at the calf (back of the leg), it is quite often underestimated as it lays underneath the more well known Gastrocnemius. However, a much thicker denser muscle that everyone should consider paying more care and attention to. The Soleus is known as the skeletal muscle pump or second heart due to its responsibility from pumping venous blood back towards the heart through strong contractions. The Soleus plays an important role in maintaining standing posture, if not for its constant pull the body would fall forward. The Soleus is the most effective muscle for plantar flexion, it does not have an effect on the knee as it does not cross this joint.

Runners, pay particular attention here! Some simple exercises include; Single leg calf raise, and a simple Soleus stretch; bring your toes towards your chins in a floor seated position.

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