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Summer with SWBodyBalance

It has all been go go go (as usual) with SWBodyBalance; my move from Dawley to offering both mobile appointments as well as making availability for appointments from my home base in Muxton has been a huge success! I want to thank all of my clients who have supported me the last few months. Appointments through June and July are ready and available to book! Please remember that throughout the Summer Holidays there will be limited availability for mobile and no availability for appointments from my home, so book now to avoid disappointment!

Summer is now here and race season is upon us, I have my very own event coming up in just a few weeks as my first back since having my children. I have certainly found it a challenge training and juggling family life as well as building my own business, however, with trying to practice what I preach I am certainly feeling race ready!

I have been busy focusing on my own development as a coach and sports therapist; including picking up where I left off with my triathlon coaching qualification. You can now also book in 1-2-1 swim coaching and analysis with my through Sportstest in their absolutely fantastic infinity pool! This coaching can be catered for any age and ability please take a look at Sportstest here for more information.

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