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Treatment & Services with SWBodyBalance

As an Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist I use a fusion of techniques combining mindful deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, soft tissue techniques, myofascial release, acupressure and stretching. I specialise in the effective treatment of soft tissue injuries and chronic muscular pain conditions. I also offer effective injury prevention and strength and streaching work to support a clients all round mobility health.

I offer a holistic approach with each client and in accessessing my subscription packages all elements of your lifestyle as well as physical symptoms are supported, working together with my clients to support in reaching individual goals. As part of these packages we can design your own plan with a combination of regular sports massage, strength and stretching training plans as well as nutritional support and guidance.

With this fantastic massage fusion of East meets West, a tried and tested ‘fix in 6’ approach, some commitment to your training and health - you really can combat your every day pain, move better and stronger and achieve your goals.

Case study report:

Today I saw a client for her final 6th appointment; when she came to me 6 weeks ago her migraines, shoulder, head and neck pain was so bad it was affecting her everyday life. But, with some commitment to 6 weekly appointments and brining in some more targeted stretches, she was able to say that for the first full week in a very long time she has had no pain! Now I’m not going to pretend that’s her pain journey now over forever, everyone should be considering regular maintenance massage to keep ontop of soft tissue weaknesses. But, within a short time my client told me she feels she’s regained control of her life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and feel free to talk to me to find out more.

Thanks all,


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