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Muscle or the Month - How to Stretch the Pectoralis Major

This month we are talking everything Pectoralis Major - here are some simple stretches to do at home to help ease muscle tightness in the area.

Towel shoulder girdle stretch - Grasp large towel or rope with very wide overhand grip, approximately length of arm to opposite elbow. Raise towel over head.

Pull towel back away from back of head while attempting to pull towel outward on each side.

Arms behind head - Place hands behind head.

Pull elbows back further behind ears. Hold stretch.

Straight arm - With arm extended, position hand on fixed structure shoulder height (use a doorway as a perfect structure for this exercise) Turn body away from positioned arm. Hold stretch. Repeat with opposite arm.

Upper chest becomes more stretched with elbow lower. Lower chest and pectoralis minor become more stretched with elbow higher.

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