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Visualisation For Pain Relief

Why do some people experience pain differently; there is more and more research coming to light that shows us that pain is felt differently to each individual. Why is this? Why do some people experience more pain than others? A very simple answer to that question is something called the Biopsychosocial Modle.

The Biopsychosocial Modle suggests that pain is felt not only as a result of physiological health, but also as a result of social and psychological health. Our brain is the neurological receptor for creating pain, if then, our mind is overwhelmed or overloaded with social and psychological pressure, it can catastrophes pain.

That being said I wanted to share with you some helpful pain relief visualisation techniques:

Start with basic mindfulness breathwork or a bodyscan.

Take your mind to the area of pain.

Ask yourself some questions about the pain - What colour is it? Is it a shape? How big is it? Are there any feelings associated with it?

Now imagen you can control that pain with a magic dial - Make it smoother, smaller or quieter.

Feel any emotionals connected to the pain

Modern research shows us that pain is a result of your body feeling under threat; identifying that threat and acknowledging it will go a long way towards controlling it.

Take a look at my chronic pain massage, or yoga treatments to find out more about how to manage your pain.

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