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What’s on this Summer!

As many of you will know I’ve been working hard to create some truly awesome exercise classes!

With my knowledge of anatomy and my love for Yoga I have created a unique class which I call ‘Functional Fit’

Functional Fit will have specific block themes such as reducing common pain areas, boosting common mobility complaints as well as sports specific blocks too! So if you are tired of that achy low back pain, fed up of being unable to scratch your back, or sick of running injury’s! Then these classes are for you! As I am launching my classes over the Summer Holidays my first Functional Fit block is all aimed at Family Fun Fitness - this block is truly fun and will promise to get you moving in creative ways together.

Don’t miss out my other class also starting this summer ‘Holiday Hatha - Family Yoga’

Bring your toddlers, preschoolers and primary schoolers to a really lovely, educational class; there will be movement, mindfulness, stories, music and more. Yoga with your children is a really wonderful way to stop and connect. Learn from your children and encourage being in the moment!

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