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Yoga Classes Now Available

Yoga classes start next week; all my classes are from

an anatomical, research based background, supporting movement and preventing/reducing pain.

My classes included;

Weekly classes -

Stretch and Stretch Online - each week we will focus our attention on a common area prone to injury and I will give you the tools and knowledge to Stretch and Strengthen the area! Week one is hip flexors.

Chronic Pain Management - living with chronic pain, combating emotional and mental health then this is the class for you! All focused on release and working with breath to combat and control pain.

Once monthly classes;

Strength - This class I love! This is for people wanting to build strength! Each class is focused on a different area. Regularly active, but not doing your common strength and conditioning, or want a new way to do this! Book on this once monthly class to give you the tools and knowledge to continue your practice st home.

Sleep Better and Combat Stress - another once monthly class. I came up with this idea when I started to struggle with my own sleep! Practicing my breath work and releasing yoga flows helped and made me feel fantastic!

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