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How can massage and movement help you!

The biggest cause of injury and or soft tissue pain is muscle imbalance. Using a combination of massage and movement is the best way to combat this. Weather you are regularly active, or just want to reduce your every day pain then sports massage, strength and or yoga training is for you.

Here are some examples of what muscle weaknesses or soft tissue imbalance can do;

❎ Weak Hips & Hamstrings - a common one for anyone working an office job, or spending long hours driving. These weaknesses can be worse on one side to the other causing tight or overactive quads and reduced protection to injuy of your hips and pelvis.

❎ Weak Core - lots of people suffer with a weak core due to posture issues alone and some really simple exercises here can help not only strengthen your core but also reduce causes of low back pain

Strength training exercises do not have to be long and complicated, it doesn't even have to be done in a gym! Some really simple body weight exercises can be incorporated into any daily routine.

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